"The church survives by the mercy of God, not because of the wisdom, purity, or consistent faithfulness of Christians."

Mark A. Noll, Turning Points: Decisive Moments in the History of Christianity, 2nd ed.


AIM LIVE Online is a concept where people gather together in one location in each of the cites that are joining to attend classes that will be taught live on internet. This plan gives you the opportunity to take part in live teaching from great teachers from all around the world to a very low cost. We save the teacher´s travel expenses and the students don´t need to pay for our own travel to go to a teaching location.

The courses are not only relevant for those serving as leaders, but for all disciples, both brothers and sisters, that would like to get more training in the study and application of the scriptures. You choose for yourself how much time you would like to put into this before and after the courses. Those who want can take examinations after the courses for no extra cost.

AIM LIVE Online Courses
AIM LIVE Online Europe - 2012 Schedule

Nov 2-4 2012: Sign up for LIVE web courses: Old Testament Survey & Interpretation

price USD 100 for two courses

About the Courses
Old Testament Survey
Old Testament Interpretation

If you want to do reading on the topics in connection with the courses, there are two recommended books for the 2012 courses:

  • OTI: Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart, How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth, - chapters 1-2, 5, 9-12
  • OTS: Douglas Jacoby, A Quick Overview of the Bible: Understanding how all the pieces fit together, - only the sections pertaining to the Old Testament

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